A Great Flight Crew Makes for a Great Flight.

You will want to make sure that every member of each flight crew you will be using is screened by the strictest industry standards. You will also want to have an experienced pilot flying your executive jet, and to be safe you will want two pilots piloting your aircraft. These pilots, depending on which type of plane they are flying, should be type rated and certified for that specific type of aircraft, and should also hold an Airline transport certificate instrument rating.


A Stitch in Time Can Save You Nine When it Comes to Private Jet Charter.

Keeping pace with the modern marketing trends, most of the providers of jet charters accept payments made through credit cards like the Visa, Master, American Express and such other internationally recognized credit cards. Some of them also accept electronic fund transfer through banks and company cheque.“  In case of cheque the deal concludes only with your cheque cashed and not before that.


A comprehensive Travel Guide to Greece Airports.

Athens International Airport: It is also known as ElefthÁ©rios VenizÁ©los, and was named so after ElefthÁ©rios VenizÁ©los, the Cretan politician and Prime Minister of Greec as well as one of the most prominent politicians in modern Greece. It was started on 29 March 2001. It is a civilian air port serving 16 millions travelers annually to the city of Athens and region of Attica. It has got much popularity among Greece flights with Greece flights takers as a major gate way to Asia with flights to Bangkok, Singapore, and Beijing, and Middle East.


Advanced Gadgets for Aviation.

And even more cool are the ones with all the bells and whistles; Such as loading it with an International Data Base. Hell now the CIA can have all the civilian data along with their intelligence information. Of course this newest Industry finds itself with many new players as pilots are generally not having a problem affording new toys and it saves all those large flight bags and Knee Boards and clips. You can still buy the clipboards and I have one when I drive the Blitz Mobile mobile command center across the country hunting for the latest technologies it has maps and important numbers to do business from the highway.

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